27 May 2009

all aboard!

The VBS theme is "Boomerang Express" which takes the kids through the Australian Outback - and all the Bible stories are about Peter and Jesus. Not sure about the connection between the two, but the kids seem to be enjoying it nonetheless. Last night I pulled out my scrap fabric and made some smocks to go with the Aussie Animal masks that we had in our classroom - of course, Wil and Walker had to try them out this morning...And here are a few of the kiddos from our class during "Centers." Such cuties! By the way, the theme song has a line in it that Walker repeats, and seriously, it is so adorable! "You might hear a didgeridoo." He kept singing that on Monday in this itty-bitty-angel voice, and it was priceless!

1 comment:

  1. I think I'm going to get on the phone right now so he can sing it to me! I wonder if you're gone already? Good job on your scrap creations!