24 May 2009

almost VBS time...

...the boys pitched in to help prep the classroom. Apparently, Wilson did not want his helpfulness documented. Don't you love the "sky" that Walker is coloring? The boys came with me to church this afternoon to set up the classroom. Nicole & Faith were also there, so we tied up loose ends... with a deadline because the church was hosting a neighborhood block party tonight! They sent flyers home to every elementary student in Lawton.

Here they are in the fire truck. They do this every chance they get. Walker would've probably been content to sit in it for quite some time - and then he would want to explore all the buttons...

And the pony rides... all of Wil's pictures were blurry for some reason.
***side note*** I guess enough people have said, "Walker Texas Ranger" to Walker when they find out his name that now he knows there is something else that sort of goes with his name. But he's just not sure what the words are - yesterday while he was playing, I heard him call himself "Walker Danger." Oh boy!

Anyone want to venture a guess as to what unspeakable mess happened in the bathroom sink? I discovered it after the boys were asleep, but I sure can't wait to get the details tomorrow a.m.


  1. looks like dirt from the little plastic cup! and of course we know that those cute little hands of "Walker Texas Danger" did that! Cute pics

    Have fun at Bible School! I love VBS time!

  2. yes, it was a plant Wilson brought home from school - I guess Walker had a mishap with it when he tried to water it...

    stopped my heart momentarily when I found it - until I saw the cup, phew!