22 May 2009

another milestone...

...I am still processing the fact that Wilson is no longer a kindergartner. My baby. Here he is with Ms. Frost... she was everything I could've hoped for in a K teacher. She definitely cultivated a love of learning in this little man...

...just a flashback from Day one. Nervous, but ready.
And here he is with his buddy, A.
To celebrate this milestone, we went out for ice cream. We went to Braum's for hand-dipped cones. You can see it was a big hit...Those boys are so unpredictable. Obviously they didn't quite finish their cones, so they had to wait for me. Maybe right after school isn't the best time for ice cream. This morning started on a high note because Daddy emailed the combination to the lock on his box. Seriously, this was the biggest treat for them... They went through it last night, but got right back into it this morning as soon as they got up. So adorable!

And randomly today, this was parked in the commissary parking lot. So we got a picture with it. Its the National Guard Chopper as constructed by Orange County Choppers.

When we were walking away from it, Walker muttered, "I'm going to get a bike like that..." Super.


  1. gosh this year has gone by quickly. I can't believe he's done with school already. I always cried at the end of the year because I made such good friends with each teacher and it was sad to leave them behind as well, the imprints of a good teacher stay with our children for a lifetime as well as the bad ones. Looks like Wilson had a great teacher! I bet he is excited to have summer start! and then daddy home. and how fun to go through daddys locker. Its Christmas in May for the boys!

  2. I can't get over the difference the way WIlson looks from the beginning of kindergarten to now. He's lost the baby look. But is still as handsome as ever. Love Sandy

  3. maybe we can settle on a chopper bicycle for a while with Walker, and I think he'll have to talk Grandpa Carl into a ride on the Harley this summer.

  4. Before you know it, he'll give you a hug and rest his chin on your head!!! Oh my! They do grow up SO fast! I'm so glad his first year of school was a success! What a great experience!

    Love the pic at Braums, too. Too funny!