19 May 2009

around the house stuff...

here are some pictures of a couple projects I worked on with Yaya. Here is the nasty before picture of the ottoman. I do wash it periodically, but wanted to be real with you... Yep, its that gross... ... which is why we thought it would be smart to make a washable slipcover. We had bought fabric to cover the floor pillows, and had enough to cover the ottoman too! I'd like to at least keep it nice to throw on the ottoman when company is coming ;)

Wilson: modeling proper usage of a floor pillow.
(here is what those pillows looked like before - they were hand-me-downs from Barbie...)

And this, my friends, is a sight for sore eyes... A big black case containing gear & stuff that Brad no longer needs over there... Time is ticking away...

Oh, p.s. my strep test was positive. Blah! But I started my z-pack today. And I don't feel that bad... especially when I remember to take my motrin on time. Please pray that the boys don't get it this time either! Thanks!


  1. he's movin' back home! YEAH! I am sure you look forward to those packages arriving. Just a few weeks and your family will be back together! I can't even imagine the excitement you all must be feeling. Great job on all the projects, way to go YaYa!

  2. WOO HOO!!! What an exciting thing to see...Brad getting ready to return home.

    I hope you get to feeling better. I wish I was there to help you out. We will be in town for a short trip Sunday/Monday. Are you going to Ginny's party?

    You are talented & creative and those are amazing traits! I love your latest sewing projects. My machine is much neglected!!!!

  3. Who would've thought the HS cheerleader had such wonderful hidden talents?! :) I can't imagine your excitement as Brad's things start coming home - in anticiaption of the "real" event!


  4. Amanda the cover looks great...I haven't been online at all mostly sleeping! Any way you did a great job on that! I hope it washes great, but now you know how easy it is when you see a fabric you like you could make another...I was thinking it might be nice to take some of the table cloths that you can pick up on BIG markdowns and make a plastic cover for "movie nights" that you can pop on and off!