18 May 2009

a few random Sunday photos...

...look what we found on our front patio light... No eggs though. Brad, I am guessing you would like this thing relocated before you get home???
Crazies on the bench...

And Walker's church-inflicted wounds.

I think I may have strep again. I went in today for a swab, waiting for the results before I begin another antibiotic. Hoping nobody else gets sick around here...
Wil's last day of school is Thursday. Next Tuesday-Friday our church is doing VBS. I am doing the (completed) Pre-K class. This is my week to prep everything. So I thought I better post now, or I might not for the rest of the week!


  1. Strep Oh NO....I am still battling this mix and I can really feel for you...when there is so much on your plate it's hard to get the rest you need to get over this!

  2. And....what was the battle over in Sunday School?