02 May 2009

four posts in one...

1. more company coming...
...therefore, more pictures will be online this week. It won't be hard to beat last week's number - zero. Unless you count the one with the Walk for Life post - but you could probably guess that I didn't take that picture.

2. We had a busy week...
...well, the last two weeks actually, were super busy. Which made the wait for Yaya's arrival go by quickly. We will be picking her up tonight in Norman (by OKC). It will be nice to have her here for El Cinco de Mayo, my birthday, and Mother's Day! FUN!

Wilson has told her that he has been bored lately, but he doesn't think he will be bored while she is here. No pressure, Yaya. And Walker told her he would be sleeping with her. She's a lucky duck for sure.

Wilson had his annual IEP this week. When he was first tested for the speech program here, he had 59 errors on the test. This week, he had 4!!!!! How amazing! I have always thought speech teachers were amazing, but now I do even more so!

3. We did not look at one single van this week...
...although, I think Chip-the-used-car-salesman has called me every day. We do appreciate prayers as we look for a vehicle. We want to buy a used vehicle that still has many miles to go. We aren't too interested in bells & whistles, but would like one with privacy glass because it is H-O-T down here. Both Brad and I are content to wait for just the right vehicle, which relieves the pressure to find something immediately. I might mention that to Chip. I do want to keep an open relationship with Chip, because I entered the contest to win a flat-screen TV and wouldn't mind if we won. Yesterday, I was watching my friend's 3-year-old twins, and the boy walked in and said, "where is your TV?" I pointed it out to him, and he said, "That's tiny!" It kind of made me chuckle. Our TV has been our visual reminder that we were working on getting out of debt... We wanted to wait to replace it. Our old one had some major picture quality issues; then some friends gave us their old one, which was better, but smaller; then one of the guys that deployed with Brad let us use his while they are gone... did you know that single soldier's have to store ALL of their stuff while they are deployed?

4. Speaking of single soldiers...
...I have volunteered to help another lady in our FRG prepare their rooms for them when they get back. Because all of their stuff is in storage, they come back to nothing. The unit is providing a small amount of $ per soldier and we are going to get sheets, a towel, some toiletries, etc to set up their rooms. We are also going to see if some kids will make "welcome home" signs for each guy. I think there are 54. Let me know if you have any ideas to make it more inviting for them.


  1. ok, maybe I posted pictures from LAST week, this week, but I didn't take any pictures of my darling boys this week, and I will certainly do that THIS coming week.

    and maybe even a few of my darling Mom too, just for you Steph ;)

  2. Yes, you must do better. Me, too.

    You always hate my multi-posts...but yet here you are doing it!

    Glad yaya is here. That should be fun. Oh yeah, for your BIRTHDAY! I'll be in town on the 11th - I'll have to get you some happy-belated-birthday- mommy-only-dark chocolate!

    Great job on Wil's speach! What an improvement!

  3. Oh, and I'm proud of you for sticking with your budget. Our world is so full of temptations to buy-buy-buy! But it is SUCH a GOOD feeling to be debt free or even working on it!

  4. I did the single soldiers rooms when they came back from Afghanistan a few years ago. We got them toiletries, etc but we aslo got them snacks and food. Things like frozen pizza, bottled water, gum, chips, etc. Just to give them some food in their rooms. It's good to be doing things like this as it adds to the homecoming excitement and keeps you busy!

    Have a great time with your company!!