30 May 2009

fun days

A glimpse of VBS on Friday. Logan was an excellent helper in my class... and the little girls loved her, as you can see! We had the VBS performance Friday night at the church. The preschoolers did three songs. Wilson said he wasn't even going to have stage fright because he had sung in front of a lot of people before!
****new day****

Today on post, the police officers had a fun day for the kids... complete with rides in police cars!
and a fire truck, of course! Walker cried when we had to get out of it... I asked them if they do birthday parties, (he would be thrilled!) But, sadly, they don't. I guess they have better things to do with their time - you know, like putting out fires and stuff...
Next up was the climbing wall, they were nice enough to let Walker give it a try...
(I may have retouched that photo a bit to give the effect that he actually tried to climb the wall!)

Wilson was excited to give it a try, because we didn't make it to the climbing wall at the block party last weekend. I think he was a bit intimidated when he got up there...

Then, after naps/rest time, we went to a banner-making party. We asked Wilson what the kids' banner should say. I told him that it couldn't say welcome home, because we already had one that said that... So he thought a second and said, "Daddy is my hero." Oh that boy! Here are the kids painting that banner...
Here is another one we made... It's about DANG time....
I'll say.


  1. The beans say it all! I am so excited for you guys. Not many sleeps left before your family is together again!!

  2. I thought I would be hearing the "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE's" here in MI by now! :) SO excited for you all!

    I just have to tell you that I appreciate you and your sacrifice as well as your dear hubby's. You handled it with such grace and dignity. Thank you for sharing your life with me!

    I'm praying that the transition for your family is a smooth one.

  3. My first thought about the police mention was, Geez, you'd think she'd quit speeding! JK! hehe

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the signs!