08 May 2009

good times

The sun FINALLY came out Wednesday afternoon - following days and days of drizzly rain. The boys were eager to get out in the steam and enjoy themselves... Wilson loves to climb all over the swingset, but I don't remember him ever getting on this thing and sitting there by himself.

Of course, I had to yell, "Be careful! Do you need help getting down???"
And he replied, "Do you know who taught me how to do this?"
I, of course, had no clue... "No, who?"
"Uncle David!" Wilson shouted, with a tone that said I should've known that... (That kid has a super memory, Uncle David was here nearly two years ago!) Meanwhile, Mom was giving Walker some spring training tips... we are working on NOT hitting the tee... need more practice!
And a picture of me with my boys on my birthday. See my "#1 Mom" pin?

shhh... don't tell anyone, but I am thinking of wrapping it up and giving it to my mom after I wear it to church Sunday morning.
I had a great day yesterday. Wilson got to stay home from school so he could bake a cake with Yaya while I was at PWOC. After lunch, I met Barbie for a pedicure (which by the way, are much cheaper here than in MI). Then I came home and took a nap with Walker while Wil and Yaya went to pick out a couple birthday gifts for me. We had dinner at Lonestar which was a great deal because they emailed me a free entree coupon for my birthday! And we got a big fat dessert to share for free... So we'll be eating the cake today.

To top it off, I got a few extra IM sessions with Brad yesterday which were a pleasant birthday surprise. We are planning on celebrating our birthdays together next month when he is home! EEEEEEEEEE!


  1. Sounds like a fantastic day!!! So glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I had a blast getting my toes done with ya..... I am glad that we decided to get our nails done, too!!! I ♥ hanging out with ya!!!

    I had really good intentions this year when I said that I wanted to hand make all of my gifts that I give... I guess I didn't realize how many things that would be... I had even better intentions in getting your birthday gift completed before your big day.... but with baby gifts and the teacher's quilt.... I am still working on yours. I hope to have it done soon. Thanks for understanding. You are a great friend.

    I guess I should have read the email that Lone Star sent to me.... I missed out on that deal on my B-day.