25 May 2009

Memorial Day

We met some friends at a park on post, and on the way we passed the cemetery. All the flags and flowers were so striking. I thought I should stop on the way home and walk through with the boys. I've been to Arlington Cemetery a number of times; but this one on post is tiny, and I felt a little awkward walking around. Then trying to explain Memorial Day to the boys was even a bit more awkward... But Wilson was intrigued, and they were both respectful. I am glad we stopped.
I had no idea that there were "unknown soldier" graves at our little cemetery. And I felt compelled to snap a picture of this grave marker. I don't know a lot of the military stuff (sometimes I like to pretend to, Hooah), but I do know that the Medal of Honor is a very high honor. I found a link to Col. Treadwell's citation, you can read it here if you like...
We had a good day. We are tired, and we are ready for Daddy to be home. But even in my weariness, today I was reminded about all of the other families that have given so much more than we have for the cause of freedom.

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  1. know that we are praying for you every single day, hang in there, the end is just around the corner! I know it will be an amazing reunion! Please have someone video it so the rest of us northerners can experience the joy of that long awaited day!

    We love you all deeply. . . .and have no doubt that one day we will all be together!!!!