22 June 2009

Happy Birthday Walker Baby!

oh, little man, how is it possible that you are three? it seems like it wasn't all that long ago that you just had a handful of teeth and you made little messes...
You attack each new day with your full-speed-ahead-style

And this morning, as you watched cartoons in mommy & daddy's bed, you flashed your three fingers- in your unique way-to let us know that you intend to keep on growing.
We are looking forward to celebrating with you today our little Big man!


  1. I love this post Amanda! You have such a gift for story telling whether it be with words or pictures.

  2. he is just TOO CUTE for words! Give him a birthday hug from all of us too!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WALKER!!! Love Grandpa, Meme and Uncle Nate

  4. I agree with Molly... I could grab a cup of coffee and just read away.

    Happy birhtday, Walker!!! It is hard to believe that you are three.. when I met you... you were in your mommy's tummy.