30 July 2009

family vacation...

...Brad snapped this picture of Walker a day or so before we left for our trip. When Brad asked him what he was doing, he replied, "Getting ready for Michigan!" Our trip was a little spontaneous with a lot of planning. Depending on your definition of "a lot of planning." Our friends, Jenn & JC, ended up taking care of our big girl during the trip, so we decided to take a day in New Orleans on our way to Disney. I read a little online about family highlights in New Orleans. Good thing too, or we probably wouldn't have known about the streetcars there. I think it was the highlight for Wilson.We wandered a bit in the French Quarter on our way to lunch. We stopped by Jackson Square and snapped a few pictures in front of the Saint Louis Cathedral. Did I mention how hot it was there? We knew it would be hot, we left triple digits in OK, but wow, the humidity really gets you. Oh, and it was the 4th of July, plus there was some jazz festival going on. Jackson Square was a nice diversion from the crowds on the sidewalks. Wilson snapped this family picture for us... you can see Walker there in the bottom corner... We made our way to Bubba Gump's for lunch. I achieved one of my goals of eating a Shrimp-Po-Boy while in N'Awlins. (Sadly, I missed out on beignets, so I guess we may have to go back again someday.) Walker was cheesing it up when we got in the AC at the restaurant!
At our hotel the night before, I picked up a brochure for a
World War 2 Museum. When I mentioned it to Brad, he lit up and I knew we should try and stop there. After a bit of a mishap on a streetcar - that turned into a one hour detour - we made it in time for a brief stay. I know Brad could've spent a lot more time there, I am not sure Walker could've. Maybe when we go back, Walker and I will get the beignets, while Daddy is at the museum ;) Here are the boys in front of a landing craft in the lobby.
Overall, it was a great stop. We found a great free parking space, and learned more about a place neither of us had ever been. It was a good kick-off to our memorable summer tour.
On the way to our hotel, we saw some of the damage from Hurricane Katrina. From the highway, we could see neighborhoods that either had newly-renovated homes or boarded-up homes - there was no in-between. We saw the shells of former apartment complexes and a whole shopping district that was left boarded up. We saw the Superdome too. I've typed five sentences to try and describe how it felt to see it, and my words just aren't coming out right. I guess its hard to describe.
We are thankful that it worked out that we could add this stop to our trip. Thanks Jenn, JC, Brendan, and Cam for hanging with the Big Girl!


  1. I loved the pic of Walker getting ready for vacation! and I am enjoying catching a glimpse into your first leg of your vacation. What did we do without the internet?

    Anxious to see more of your summer tour!

  2. When we went to disney a few years ago, my mil made a point to "resort hop" just a bit to experience the beignets at the Port Orleans resort. We stayed at Riverside, she hopped on the Launch and brought back the tasty devils from the French Quarter...

    Thanks for sharing! Looks like fun!

  3. Wonderful pics...keep them coming!

  4. Sounds like the vaca was good. I totally forgot about the street cars... Curry and I did ride on them, too. I am with you... I was surprised to see so much damage still after Katrina and it left me feeling some what empty(if that makes any kind of sense).
    I can't wait to see what else you did.
    Your boys are hoots... I see Walker is still into fashion.