17 August 2009


I took some pictures of Brad helping Wilson master this bike-riding-without-training-wheels-thing. First they went up and down the sidewalk... ...then they headed around the block...

...and to the parking lot across the street. I wish you could've heard Wilson screaming, "Why can't we just STOP???" He still has some work to do on the bike.

I had to throw in a picture of Walker on his two-wheeler for good measure. He LOVES riding his bike...but isn't convinced that he could try it without training wheels... I am guessing that would motivate Wilson though ;)

Lunch break at Miss Barbie's last week... one last hurrah in the Clements' pool before moving day...

Walker now confidently swims all over without anyone touching him... and Wilson swims without any floaties!!! All it took was one time swimming with Daddy in the pool!

And here's a shot of Wilson jumping in from the diving board. He is such a dare-devil in the pool. He wanted Brad to teach him how to dive the first time he swam without floaties!

It is such a joy to watch the boys accomplish things, even sweeter to be watching Daddy help them!
"How can I repay the LORD for all his goodness to me?" Psalm 116:12


  1. way to go Wilson on mastering the two-wheeler. Each day it will get easier and before you know it he won't need any assistance at all! Yeah for daddies who enjoy their kids and spend time with them even when they sometimes are tired! Wilson has always enjoyed the pool...remember when he would hang on the bball hoop and fall into the water? they are both so adorable!!!!