27 August 2009

afternoons with Walker.

this week has been somewhat busy, Walker and I have been running around in the mornings. And hanging around at home in the afternoon. Today was the kick-off of PWOC after helping a bit with clean-up we came home. Walker busily got to work trying to tear open some stickers that belonged to Wilson...I kindly re-directed him to his own puppy-dog stickers. He was quick to show me that he "put a sticker on here so we know what kind of picture it is." I hadn't realized it before, but having that puppy sticker on Muskoka really helps identify that she is a dog, indeed. Of course, I thought I should get a picture of him showing y'all his clever labeling skills... while I was messing with the settings on the camera, he was messing with the picture frame...

He is an explorer for sure.

And so fun to hang out with!
Brad had his own adventure with Walker last night involving a Petoskey-stone-polishing-kit. Maybe he'll share it with you one day - Brad is at paintball today. Its a tough job, but somebody has to do it.


  1. Those 3 year olds move fast, don't they?!

  2. never a dull moment with that little guy around!

  3. Hmmm polishing kit petosky stones....that sounds vaguely familiar....