11 August 2009


So, last week was Brad's first week back to work...which turned out to have a four-day weekend! We had planned to camp, so when I did the weekly grocery shopping I included food for the overnight trip. But, Friday the forecast didn't look so good so we thought we wouldn't go. After checking the weather again, and a phone call to make sure there were sites available we decided to risk the rain chance... and off we went. Here's Walker at our campsite... Walker was intrigued by the campstove. This boy loves fire... (yikes!)
Wilson smiles for the camera while Walker continues to check out the campstove...

Of course, what is a camping trip without S'mores? Wilson begged for them immediately following dinner...

Walker approved of them as well...
We were the only ones camping in the tent section so it was kind of nice having the area to ourselves. We walked over to the playground after the smores. Everyone got in on the fun, including the big girl...

After the playground we cooked up some Jiffypop before bedtime...

It was over 100 degrees on Friday, but it started to cool down a bit after the sun went down... however, with the rain fly on the tent, the hot air wouldn't dissipate. After sweating it out awhile, we decided to take the rain fly off and really take a risk. You can kind of see the sweat glistening on Walker's face... and I don't have any idea what Wilson was looking at!!

The boys slept great. Brad, Muskoka, and I did not. Mostly because Mussy had to freak out about every sound - or pant like she had just run a marathon. The sunrise was lovely though.

The combination of not sleeping well and the sinus pressure made Brad and I decide to pack up first thing in the morning. Good thing too, because shortly after we had started tearing-down, a unit rolled up to the group site to prepare for a "Fun Day" (or some such); Koka would've been growling her fool-head off at the soldiers all morning, so we were thankful to be almost done.

The boys were anxious to help set up camp, and we had a good time overall. They kept saying things like "awesome!" and "best ever..." Basically, Brad and I had garnered some high praise for our last minute decision. It was memorable for sure!
We went back later that day to swim at the lake... I'll post those pictures later. =)


  1. So apparently they don't camp in the DR. We played have you ever... and one of the questions was have you ever gone more than 2 days without a shower. I and one other teacher stood up- her's was because of surgery and I said mine was camping. They all gave me very disgusted looks ! But glad you guys had fun!

  2. OK - I ♥ the picture of Wilson, with Walker in the background checking out the fire. That was a laugh out loud moment!

    What is with your dog panting when she's just laying there?! That is the funniest thing!

    We love camping. We've done 100 degrees, we've done 30 degrees...(just ask Barb!!!) We've done rain. Haven't done snow yet. Let me tell you, it's ALWAYS an adventure! We'd love to camp with you guys when it gets a little cooler. But the dog has to sleep in YOUR tent! ☺