05 August 2009


This trip was a long time comin' There are two incidents I really remember that laid the groundwork... So, I am going to tell you a little story before you begin the feast of photos... Shortly after Walker was born, I remember sitting in the living room at our rental off-post. It was before we had cable or satellite and ABC was one of the two channels that came in on our TV. They were playing a lot of Disney commercials that summer. And I had a three-year-old little man whose eyes would get as big as saucers as he watched those magical commercials. I remember Brad telling Wilson that we would go there someday, when his brother was bigger like him; when we didn't owe anyone any more money. I don't even know if Wilson remembers that conversation in that living room, but I never forgot it. Another time we were at Wal-mart in the toy department and Wilson asked for a Dale Jr. car - the kind he could drive. I remember Brad putting his hand on the car and telling Wilson, "We could buy this for you, but it would make it really hard to save our money for trip to Disney if we always bought everything we wanted." I really doubt Wilson remembered this, but I never forgot it.

When we crossed the threshold into "debt freedom" our first thought wasn't "Let's go to Disney world!" Honestly, that still seemed like a really far-fetched idea. But shortly afterwards, I got an email with some details about Disney's Armed Forces Salute, and let me tell you it was an incredible deal. The kind of deal that made me read all the fine print because there had to be a catch! So Brad and I began discussing it, and we prayed about it. A lot. Prior to Brad's R&R he had emailed me a brief article by John Eldridge about family vacation which helped focus our prayers for this much-anticipated vaca! I can say with certainty once again... God is good, all the time. We had a splendid trip with lots of memories to treasure. God even allowed some rainfall each day to ensure that we would rest while in the midst of all the fun!

Sorry, these pictures are all out of order, and I can't move them around right now... so I'll just caption each one. Here is Wilson in the middle of the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids playground. He loved it, Walker did not.
This might be the first time since early infancy that this boy has slept while out and about.
Here are the boys being silly at the Swan Hotel. The Swan also had a great discount for military which was the deciding factor for us to stay there...

Mickey's Philharmagic... a 3-D delight!

The ONE thing that Walker wanted to do at Disney World was see the Playhouse Disney show. Here he is waiting to see Handy Manny, the Little Einsteins, the Super Sleuths and of course, Mickey Mouse and friends!

Sometime between telling the kids we were going to Disney and getting there, Walker developed an admiration for Mickey Mouse. So we waited (an hour!) to get a picture with him and Minnie. Hard to believe, but it was worth it. He was thrilled!
Of course, we had to get a picture with Lightning McQueen!

Daddy and Wilson on the jungle cruise.

Wilson on a giant ant at the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground.
Here we are in the lobby of the Dolphin hotel. A kind man offered to take a picture of all us after Brad and I had taken turns taking pictures... (my hair looks wild in every single picture of us at Disney... can't wait to see what it looks like when we move to GA)

So its a magical place and all, but that doesn't mean there aren't any grumps or attitudes while there. Wilson did NOT want to see this parade. Can you tell????

Epcot. See the storm clouds brewing? That was our cue that naptime was on the horizon ;)

The Disney Train. This is the ONE thing Wilson wanted to do there. Well, they were both pretty fired up about riding this train. It was our very first adventure at The Magic Kingdom.
Dancin' with a giant rhino at the Animal Kingdom.

We met Buzz Lightyear right outside his ride the first day.
Can you find Brad and Wilson? Well, you can't see Wilson really, but he is right next to Brad... Those two rode all the rides together that Walker was too short for, and Walker wasn't too disappointed about not riding, he liked watching for them...

After the Kilimanjaro Safari - our family favorite ride!

Of course, they had to pose with one of the life-size Army guys!

Outside the castle. Love the bangs...

the boys taking in the view from our hotel balcony. When Brad checked in, they upgraded our room to a balcony view... because I had requested that we were close to an elevator! How crazy is that? We enjoyed the little bonus!


  1. some very good memories indeed and lots of smiles for sure! Thanks for taking the time to share, I know its alot of work but we all enjoyed being a small part of your vaca through pictures and story. Of course the best part of it was after Disney when you came north!!!!!

  2. So cool! I think it would be cool for Walker and Wilson to read this post when they get a little older, too - I'm sure they would appreciate all of the thought and planning that went into the trip, plus they'd get a great example of stewardship of the money God gives us to use.

  3. Love you guys! Thank you for making me smile and cry today!

  4. You guys are awesome!

    Yay for fun times and great pictures!

  5. Just got back from vacation & looked forward to seeing what you posted. Love the pictures! I'm still happy for you that you all were able to go to Disney - and be out of debt as well! What a blessing! We can't fight that humidity with curly/wavy hair! I just call it my vacation "do"! Looks good on you!