21 August 2009

first grade.

seriously. how can it be? Here's a picture from the open house last night. We were the first ones in the classroom and I think Wilson was a little apprehensive and perhaps overwhelmed. He hadn't seen any of his friends from last year and he was just ready to go... he did oblige me and smile for the camera... but he wasn't too excited about it. After a good dinner last night and some pep talks from Mom and from Dad, he seemed to be more eager about starting school today. (For what its worth, I had lots of warm fuzzies about his teacher and I am quite certain he's going to adore her within a few days...) Here is a before-we-left-the-house-on-the-first-day-of-school picture. He was ready. I think he said he wasn't excited, but he was ready.

With Daddy home, we got to school early enough to have to wait outside this morning! Wilson is holding some cookies for his teacher ... with a little card that says, "Because teachers cannot live by apples alone!" (I got the idea from Barbie)
And here he is greeting his teacher.

I made Brad wait so I could get one more picture... and make sure Wilson was OK. Brad said, "You're turning into one of those moms..." (I know he means a helicopter mom because that was a question on Millionaire the other night. ) I snapped my picture and said, "No I am not, because I am letting him ride the bus home." I can hover if I want to right???

It was so great having Brad here this morning. I have to admit I wasn't quite as strong as I was last year when I had to do it all by myself. But Wilson kept his brave face on, and both of us walked out of the school full of pride. I can't wait to hear about his day!


  1. I'm waiting for the bus pictures....send them right along! Wish I could have been there, but this year I would have been more of an intrusion so I will let it slide!

    Love you guys and God Bless.

  2. I'm sure it was a great day! It's so hard to see our babies grow up!

    I thought about doing a first day of school picture yesterday since it was JC's first day. I thought it would be great, JC all dressed up & the boys in PJs but it was pouring down rain, so JC went to work & the boys & I slept in!

    Barb is great with those ideas! Funny how strong we can be when we have to. ☺

  3. you have every right to be a helicopter mom,he's your little guy and 1st days to 1st grade only come once in his lifetime! I guess I'm one too in some respects but I don't hover long because I don't want anyone seeing the tears streaming down my face when I walk away from their doors........so glad it was such a wonderful morning for everyone and even more glad his daddy got to be apart of the send-off! we love you guys......

  4. YAY Wilson!!

    What a cool idea to give cookies to the teacher with such a cute little note. I'll have to file that in the idea box.

    I think most moms have a little hover in them - we're moms, it's what we do!!

  5. 1st day gitters are normal. You can tell wil I got them too :)
    But everything turned out great! However my mom wasn't here to take pictures of me :(

  6. Brad being there to share the special moment is wonderful. Glad they allowed the guys to have the time off.

    Happy first day, Wilson.

    PS... the ideas are not my own.. I am sharing what I have learned from others.

  7. I can't believe he's in first grade and he looks grown up! Grandpa Carl said he wishes his first grade teacher looked like Wilson's teacher!

  8. I can't believe he's in first grade and he looks grown up! Grandpa Carl said he wishes his first grade teacher looked like Wilson's teacher!