10 August 2009

riches upon riches...

...here are the pictures I promised of our Michigan treasures... But first, Mom & George, somehow I missed out on getting your picture with the boys this trip... so, you'll have to plan a trip out here to make up for my oversight. Sorry about that.

Here are the boys with Aunt Rene, Uncle Bob, and cousin Jack. And with Grandpa Carl, Meme, and Uncle Nate.

And Grandma and Grandpa Lutz with (L to R) Aunt Victoria, Uncle Blake, Uncle Colson, Aunt Jacqueline, Uncle Brennan, Uncle Scottie and Uncle Brett. (Uncle Ben was in East Lansing, we should've got a picture with him too, when we stopped to say good-bye. Darn!)

And on to the GREATS!
Grandpa and Grandma G

Great Grandpa and Grandma Rose

Great Grandpa and Grandma K

Great Grandpa L

and Great Grandma L.

We are so grateful for our families, thankful that God has granted good health for the greats and the grands. He is good, all the time. You would think after being away for over three years that the good-byes would get easier each time... its not true. We are just a little better at presenting our good-byes in front of the boys. But even in the good-byes God is good to give us peace, and to remind us that we are exactly where He wants us to be. He is such a caring Father!


  1. I've loaded up the car see you in a couple days for the snapshot!

  2. precious pictures to stay with you until your next visit. I treasure the pics I have with my great grandparnets!