13 August 2009

six. (past due post)

So, during our trip our firstborn turned six. For the first time in his life, I can honestly say this year did not fly by. Mainly because his daddy was gone. Time moves differently during a deployment. Nonetheless, the year did pass. And for this guy, this year was monumental. He grew in so many ways. Most of which are hard to put into words.

On the morning of his birthday we gave him his new "big man bike." No training wheels...

Later we had a get-together with family and friends at Clearwater Campground. He looks so grown-up in this picture, I can hardly stand it! (The remaining pictures are courtesy of Brad's mom... we didn't get our camera out at the party! I did take some pics with my mom's camera, but I don't have the pics on my computer...)

He had such a great day, there was so much to do at the campground, including these horse-drawn carriage rides!

It was great to have Daddy helping with the gift-opening-part.

I had to throw in this picture of Brad with his baby sister, Victoria...too cute!

Wilson and his Uncle Colson were pretty much inseparable at the party.

We had a wonderful day celebrating Wilson. He is an extraordinary little man and I know this coming year is full of milestones too... already since turning six he has begun swimming without floaties and riding his bike (with a bit of assistance still.) He is an amazingly courageous little guy and has a servant's heart through and through.
When we got in the car after the party, Wilson said, "Can I have my party here again next year?"


  1. It was a wonderful day of celebrating his birthday. Even the cold and occasional rain didn't dampen anyone's spirits! we so enjoyed your visit and Colson has stored away some very special memories of him and Wilson and their time together as we have too!

  2. Sorry you didn't get any of those pictures off my camera, I will send some out because there are some great pics. It was fun to pass the camera around and let others have a go at it. I would love to have all of you back in Michigan for another birthday party next year....I was looking at all the pics I have the other day and thinking how the kids change over the years....really miss you all! Mom...YaYa

  3. That was such a fun day!! Thanks again for inviting us, it meant a lot to get invited to a "family" celebration.

    It would be flippin' sweet if you did come back and celebrate Big Willie Supafly's birthday here again next year - you have our vote, if it counts for anything. :)

  4. I did miss the year by year play of pictures...I'll have to look in the archives!