19 August 2009

a summer to savor.

Here are a couple pictures of the watermelon festival we went to a couple weekends ago...
they pass out these huge chunks of watermelon! I adore this picture =)

Without hesitation, I can say the time that Brad was deployed was the hardest time of my life. No question. But I can also say, that this has been the most joyous summer of my life. Without a doubt. And through the hardest time and the most joyous time, God has continued to reveal His goodness to us; His faithfulness, and His never-ending love.

As summer comes to a close - Wilson starts first grade tomorrow! - I have been hesitant to let it slip by. Part of me wants to grasp it tightly because it has been so wonderfully sweet. But even this week God has been telling me to let it go... so my hands and my heart will be open to receive the future blessings He has in store for us. I thought of a song by Bebo Norman today that sums up how I hope to leave this summer behind. Its called "Walk down this Mountain." If you click the title you'll go to a link so you can hear the song. Here are some of the lyrics from the chorus...
So walk down this mountain
With your heart held high
Follow in the footsteps of your Maker
With this Love that's gone before you
And these people at your side


  1. Love that song!!

    It has brought joy to my heart to see all the pics of you enjoying time with Brad. I can't thank you enough for your honesty and vulnerability...It has really helped me have a heart for military families...

    I just met a girl whose husband is going to be deployed soon and I'm praying for some opportunities to encourage her adn feel confident in doing that better from your sharing your struggles..Thanks!!