12 August 2009

swimming at LETRA...

(Lake Elmer Thomas Recreation Area) So, we went back to the lake to swim after camping... (Brad told me we camped on Thursday night, not Friday...one of these days, I might know what day it is...maybe.) Anyway, we had to go back because we got to the campground after the store closed and left before it opened and we had to pay our $6 camping fee. Here are the guys on the beach... They made a moat of some sort...

...then they went down the water slide
...I didn't get a very good picture of Wilson...

Walker wasn't very impressed with it.

For some reason, they no longer charge an admittance fee for the beach or water slides, so we plan to go back sometime. The boys really liked the beach and Walker actually loved 'swimming' in the lake... not even the school of fish that surrounded our legs phased him!


  1. Never been there. We'll have to try that!

  2. you guys are so blessed with many ammenities that the army provides. I know it doesn't make up for all the time lost when Brad was deployed but it sure helped having events and places to occupy your time while he was gone and even more so now that he's home to have fun family adventures and wonderful memories! We love you guys so much......Keep on keeping on!!!!!