08 August 2009

yes, Michigan!

...the feeling's forever.

I know, that is the super old commercial campaign, but it is forever stuck in my heart. I do like the Pure Michigan ad campaign, but it just doesn't have the childhood memories attached to it to anchor it in me.

We had a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful two weeks in MI. We really didn't plan much prior to getting there, and more or less, let the days unfold without a lot of forethought. Which resulted in lots of fun times with family and very little stress. Here are a few snapshots from the trip... (I'll post about Wilson's birthday separately). Again, they are in a completely random order, I am going to have to be more thoughtful in how I upload my pictures I guess! Sorry about that!

Uncle Blake and Wilson driving the tractor at Grandpa and Grandma G's... Walker and Chance playing

Aunt Rene helping Walker out in Aunt Lori's pool... he was just chillin'

Uncle Brennan, Walker, Wilson and Uncle Colson down by the lake at the reunion...

Uncle Colson and Wilson had fun at a playdate at the park. They were Transformers. I love the great imaginative play!

This might be my favorite picture of the entire trip. Oh how I wish I knew what Wilson was saying to Aunt Rene! That face!!!!!!

Uncle Nate serving us up some ice cream at his new job!

Uncle Brad helping Jack out of the lake after an impromptu swim =) Jack loves the water as much as his momma does, I think!

Brad and Wilson fishin' up at Budd Lake.

Great Grandpa Fritz strolling with Walker and Victoria.

Brad and the boys going four-wheelin' at Grandpa and Grandma G's house.

Grandma hosted a lunch for all her granddaughters. We had a great time hanging out together, and I think Grandma was thrilled to have us all together. It was especially sweet because my cousin, Lindsay, and her husband just moved to the Dominican Republic this week for two years. So it will be awhile before all 6 of us are together again. It was really important to Grandma to get us there, so I am glad it worked out with everyone's schedule.

Brad, Wilson, Jack and Walker along the shore.

Great Aunt Lori read the boys and Jack a story, they were all hanging on every word.

We are so blessed by our extended families. Honestly, words cannot really express how good we have it. Everyone was so flexible with their time to accommodate our visit. Although we were ready to get back to our own house, space and our big puppy; it was hard to leave. We have a tremendous treasure of family in Michigan and its hard to drive away from that. The boys had a great time, and I am sure they will be looking forward to our next visit, whenever that may be... I plan to actually print some of our pictures this time to hang around their room... I have some pictures with their grandparents and great grandparents that I'll post this week... they are priceless!

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  1. These are great pictures! I'm originally from Michigan and don't get to visit home as often as I'd like so it was great reading about your visit.