10 September 2009

playin' in the rain...

...the satellite went out tonight while the guys were watching "This Old House" It was raining. But not lightening/thundering so Brad decided they should go outside and play... ...I won't lie, there were some tears at the beginning. Perhaps some fear about Daddy losing his mind.

But once they decided to go for it, they really had a fun time.
All of them =)

Oh, and Wilson pulled his second tooth out last night. Dumb tooth fairy forgot to come last night. Who's idea was that anyway? Hopefully she remembers tonight... Walker has informed us that he took the money out of the bag... I am not sure if Wilson knows what to think about that!
Don't forget to enjoy the rain!


  1. so cute, even cuter to see their daddy playing with them in it too!

    Jacqueline and Colson just did that this summer, it was such a nice warm rain and lots of puddles so i suggested they go and have fun; and fun they had!

    Sometimes its the simple things that make all the difference in the world and build the best memories.

  2. Playing in the rain has got to be one of the best memories I have from childhood! So glad that Brad encouraged the boys to do it. What fun!!!

    As for the tooth fairy - she's been late at our house a NUMBER of times...she usually leaves a note explaining how busy she is and that she is terribly sorry for not getting the tooth on the first night... :)

  3. Thanks Amanda, Love the pics. Gotta say it makes me want to hop in the car and head your way. Is my bed still set up?

  4. Bren & Cam LOVE playing in the rain!!! It's such a wonderful thing, really.

    The toothfairy regularly forgot to stop by our house after a tooth came out. Just bad planning on her part, I think!!!

    Miss you guys!