21 September 2009

wheel of fortune...

Yesterday on the way home from church, Wilson says, "I have a val in my name."

Brad and I look at each other. Blankly. "A what?" I ask. Curious to know...

He pipes up, "A val. You know, a, e, i, o ..."

"Oh a 'vow-el'!" We say at the same time. "You mean a vowel."

I can only imagine what new words they'll learn in Georgia.

Do you think Pat Sajack will know what Wilson means when he says, "I'd like to buy a val, Pat" Gosh, I hope so, Wilson hates to lose... (You know, in case he's ever actually on Wheel of Fortune.)


  1. too funny! :)
    When Dakota was in preschool one of his classmates had "poka-idees." Took me a few days to figure that one out. Turns out it was diabetes.

  2. He's gonna fit right in there in Ga. Get him saying "ya'll" and everything is peaches and cream after that.

  3. Don't just mention those boys kiddo...I've noticed a few okie words popping out of your mouth too!