05 October 2009

after school special

While Wilson and I were sipping hot cocoa this afternoon at the dining room table -- he was finishing his homework, while I was working on my meal plan/grocery list -- he asks me, "Mom can I watch a grown-up show with you?"

"Like what?" I ask, wondering what on earth kind of show he wants to watch and who on earth is talking about these grown-up shows at school anyway.

"Like, This Old House or House Hunters," he replies with his little grin.

I smiled back, relieved.

Now Walker is awake and they are playing with a Pez dispenser, maybe we'll catch a grown-up show after dinner.

So, do you think this means he is over the cartoon scene??? Doubtful.


  1. I've been telling you. They grow up, oh so fast! :-) I love that you are savoring the preciousness of it!

  2. That's so great! I love that the shows he picked are ones that are actually kid-friendly.

    Every time the girls watch Winnie the Pooh, I think of Wilson. If he had British accent, he'd TOTALLY be Christopher Robin (which is a good thing, since Christopher Robin is just the sweetest boy ever!)

    When is moving day? It's got to be coming up soon, hasn't it?

  3. careful about "house hunters" that's how we ended up in the DR! :)

  4. Ahhh, what a kid, but I think it really just says..."I want some more time with you MOM!"