02 October 2009

confidence booster

have you ever had one of those days where you sort of mentally beat yourself up? it seems as though you just can't do anything right, and your judgement seems questionable at best...

If so, then bookmark this post, because playing this old game with Walker will boost your confidence in your decision-making skills. every. single. time.

Here he is, hiding the trains in his little fists... Now the tricky part - guess if you dare - which hand are the trains in???

YOU got it!!!!
He has marveled at my mental prowess every time that I have guessed right. Brad too. Right now, this kid thinks his parents are the smartest in the world (or possibly the smartest in the west, if I were to ask him).


  1. Gotta love it! I have those kind of days quite often lately :)

  2. I totally needed that today. My blog post today was a confidence boost as well! :)

  3. Embrace these days(when the kid think you are smart) because I guarantee you they will not think that once they are in school. I have tried to explain things to Lo and she says that I am wrong b/c that's not what her teacher told her. UGH!!!!
    I love to see his little face with all smiles. (I am gonna miss that but since you have three weeks left and we aren't talking about that right now.. maybe you can just not read that part).

  4. I sure do miss my buddy...it's been waaaay too long for me to be without my wwabl fix! It is always amazing to me how fast they grow! Love you guys and thanks for the boost!

  5. That is SO great!! LOVE the look on his face.