29 October 2009

a messy little tour...

well, our household goods were delivered minutes after we signed our lease... the driver was actually at our house before we were... so we've been unpacking boxes around here... excuse the mess, please, and I will give you a glimpse into our home. (but if you are going to comment on the mess, then you must stop reading now... NOW!)

Ahem, now on with the tour. Here is the front door... to the left is the living room, behind the door is a small powder room. Next to the stairs to the right is a coat closet, as well as the entrance to the kitchen and dining room... Here is the dining room... I was standing in front of the door to the back (side) yard when I took this picture. See the playground across the street?

and the kitchen... the laundry room is through the open door, and the other door is to the garage. There is a pantry just this side of the laundry door.

And the living room....

going up the stairs...

looking across the upstairs hallway/landing. The first closet door is storage, the next door is the mechanical room... Brad is in the computer nook...
Standing in the doorway to the computer nook, looking toward the 3rd bedroom, which may become "Wilson's Room", and of course, will be available for guests...

and the boys' room, which might soon be "Walker's Room."

Today I am going to see about getting Wilson enrolled at school. I haven't a clue what that entails... I would like to walk him through the school before he actually starts. He is a bit nervous/anxious, so please continue to pray for him and us as he transitions. It has been so great to see him giving God the credit for our house, and in turn, we've been able to remind him about how God is also taking care of the school details too.
Our first night here, Wilson asked Brad if they could wear their star pajamas because "God picked out the right house for us, and God made the stars." Sweet, sweet boy!
So school enrollment, and more boxes to unpack are on the schedule for today. I don't mind putting stuff away; but when it comes to the decorating part, its a bit of a challenge for me. Let me know if you want to come help...
Thank you for your prayers, we continue to appreciate them. We are so thankful to God for providing thus far. He is so good.


  1. It looks beautiful! And I didn't even notice any mess!


  2. Yeah, I WISH my house were *only* that "messy". Do you have any idea how long it was after we moved into our house before there was ANY sort of organization???

    Okay, so I'm techinically still waiting on that part...but it's only been almost 3 years. HA!!

    It looks like it will be a great house for your family, and I can tell that Walker was especially thrilled about the stairs. Yep, he'll be trying to ride a sled down the stairs in no time... :)

    Praying for Supafly that all the school details will be worked out easily and that he has the best teacher ever!!!

    Sending hugs from MI!

  3. awesome! comfortable and homey! I'm sure those boys are gonna love the stairs, and when they get to be a bundle of energy they can wear it off by running up and down! LOL thanks for taking time away from unpacking to share your adventure with us! we were anxious!! so sweet how God works out even the littlest of details!