16 October 2009

moving right along...

we are spending part of Fall Break getting ready for the big move. Yesterday we moved everything out of the storm shelter so we can use it as our "Moving HQ" On the day the packers come, there will be a big sign on the door that says, "DO NOT PACK" Remember, it used to be the "Reading Room." Granted, it was much fuller and messier than this yesterday, but it was the first picture I could find of the storm shelter in our picture file this morning. {Look how tiny the boys are!}

Thanks again for all of the prayers. I have to share a little reminder God sent me this week. Sometime last week, Brad and I were talking about our next church, and we mentioned that it might be kind of fun if we find a church that has Awana. We think the boys would love it! Of course, Wilson wanted to know all about what this thing called Awana was... His eyes lit up when Brad told him about it. Of course, after that discussion I said, "But, we don't know if there are any churches that have Awana, ok?" Wilson never forgets anything, so I feel like I have to remind him that we don't know for sure, so he doesn't get his hopes up too high...
Earlier this week when I was looking on Fort Benning's home page to find out some stuff about the schools, I found this article. (click here.) I love that we know a personal Savior that willingly reminds us that He has all the details taken care of!


  1. thats so awesome! Its so cool when you see God give you a gift. So glad He is choosing to answer prayers even before you have left OK for GA! how can people not believe???

  2. God is so good...God is so good...God is so good...He's so good to YOU!

    Love you,

  3. no stinkin' way! AWANA is awesome. Wil will soooo love it!

    We will keep you in prayer as you approach the BIG MOVE! :)

  4. We had a big closet as our off-limits for one of our moves. It worked out great!

    Haven't had the luxury of that with any other moves. Which made things kind of dicey :)

    We took Eve to AWANA when we lived in VT. LOVED it. Such a great program. Wednesday night was her absolute favorite part of the week!
    So glad your kids will get to experience the joy of AWANA.