31 October 2009

trick or treat!

once again, excuse the picture order... really wish I could just drag them around like the old days... moving on...

So, here are the guys trick-or-treating. I know you can't really see them, I just had to take this picture to show you these weird sections of our neighborhood where four houses share a driveway... these two houses are tucked in behind other houses... funny, huh? here are the boys in their "PCS 09" shirts from Aunt Becky... they traced our roadtrip out on the USA maps... I have no idea what Brad was saying to them when he took this picture, but it must've been funny.
Here they are... boogity, boogity, boogity, let's go racing, boys and howdy pardner!
Oh, and this was my solution for the over-the-cupboard-open-space-dilemma. I will probably put some Christmas stuff up there in a few weeks, and maybe come up with a permanent solution by January. Good goal-setting, huh?

We trick-or-treated around our neighborhood for a bit, then we went to something called "Ark in the Park" which was sponsored by a local church. I think we are going to visit that church tomorrow. On their flyers, they said their two emphases are 1. Sunday School and 2. Missions. The event tonight was fun and well-attended. It was drizzly and cold by the time we got there, so we didn't stay too long. We have a full candy bowl, so everyone is happy =)


  1. so glad you posted pics! the boys are so cute! love those smiles! love the above-the-cupboard decorations too! Your always such a wiz with decorating I knew you wouldn't have any problems! Love you guys so much and miss you dearly! praying you find a church home ASAP.....

  2. Sounds like you are settling into life in Ga. Glad that all is well there. Sure miss you all. The boys look too cute.

    Now I know what YAYA feels like when she reads your blog...

    miss you much

  3. The only thing missing in the pictures are you Amanda! Gotta see more of that smilin face...love the outfits, I think that Wil looks ready to step into the car to go racin...you know how the last minute they put on those funny shoes that they wear? Walker looked like he needed a rope so he could lasso his pony and head on out. I told George that I was going to put our left over candy in the mail and let you deal with it....he SMILED!

    Barbie...just keep up your blog so I can still check in on you til you get over to this timezone!

  4. Ande wants to know if that's Ricky Bobby in the picture next to Walker the cowboy. If so, he said to tell him "shake n bake Ricky Bobby, shake n bake".

    I just type what he tells me to.