25 October 2009

we have arrived way down yonder...

...on the Chattahoochee. We had three perfect-weather-travel days. The boys are excellent travelers, and our vehicles ran well. Thank you for your prayers. It is good to be here. When we pulled onto post this evening to check things out, the guard said, "Welcome Home!" So as we adventured around post we found a dog park for the big girl. She already made a few friends off-leash! We also found a playground for the boys to run around on...

Wilson declared it the best playground he has ever been to!
Here's a picture at Pinnacle State Park in Little Rock, Ark. We spent a little while there before hitting the road yesterday. It was really pretty... and their state parks are free!!!! Walker gave it a thumbs-up.
And this was at the Arkansas welcome center on day one. It was chilly out that day...

Again, we thank you for your prayers on our behalf. We were able to check-out of our house with no charges! Amen! And we arrived safely, with no troubles along the way. Thank you, Jesus! God is faithful, and we are encouraged to see His hand working in the big and small ways. Tomorrow morning we have our housing meeting. We really don't know what to expect, but we fully trust that God has all the details worked out already. We will let you know, when we know. Its reassuring to know that God already knows.


  1. I knew you could do it!!!! With God all things are possible... including driving yourself for three days with a dog and a small child. YEAH!!!
    We will be praying for you and the housing situation today. God knows what you want and need and He will provide for you.
    Logan asked me yesterday after we left church.... "mom, do you miss Miss Amanda?" I said, "I sure do, sweetie." Honestly, I don't think it has all set in just yet. I am sure sometime later this week it will.
    I am happy that ya'll have made it safely and can't wait to hear about all of the adventures.
    What a nice way to be welcomed to Post. "Welcome home." I think your gonna like it there.

  2. Miss you already, but I know there are others who need you. How blessed they will be to know you! Thanks for keeping us updated. We'll be praying for just the right house for you.

  3. Yay! Been thinking about you daily this week! Great pictures, great adventure! I'm excited to hear about your new home!