11 November 2009

little {big} things

There are a couple of things that I might have forgotten to mention about this place... they might seem little to you; but they are big to me...and I am so grateful that our Father knows the difference between the two =)

  1. We have a mailbox at the end of our driveway. We have the same address for mail & deliveries!
  2. At the neighborhood office there is a small fitness room, attached to it is a children's playroom. So I can go up there and workout, while Walker plays - in view! For free!!
  3. Wilson gets out of school an hour and fifteen minutes early every Tuesday.
  4. Oh, another thing about his school... they have a drop-off line. A teacher along with a few safety-patrol members help the kids out of the car. Yesterday, the gym teacher was helping and said, "Be careful, Wilson." And my heart lept because she already knows his name!
  5. There IS space to leave my sewing table out in the computer nook (now I just have to use it)!

I continue to marvel at the details God has taken care of in getting our family here and settled. I don't think I mentioned the careful timing of our arrival. The week we came the post was preparing to demo an older neighborhood. The day we signed our lease one of the leasing agents told Brad that they were moving 20 families later in the week and that there wouldn't be any available houses. Then we found out that they changed the rank banding for our neighborhood effective 1 November. (which means Brad's rank would no longer be allowed to move in here). It has been a blessing to see Him take care of the big things, and the little things. As we adjust to our new schedule, it reminds me that He will continue to be faithful.

I'm not sure why at times, His hand is unmistakable; and at other times its hard to distinguish. I talked to Him about it. He just reminded me that whether I see Him clearly or not, He is. So if you are on a foggy path right now, know that He is with you. If your future is uncertain, know that He is in it. If you are waiting for something from Him, know that He is waiting too; for the right time, because His timing is perfect. He is holding you. Whether you 'feel' it or not, His hands are wrapped around you.

I will sing of the lovingkindness of the LORD forever; to all generations I will make known Your faithfulness with my mouth.

You have a strong arm; Your hand is mighty, Your right hand is exalted. Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne; Lovingkindness and truth go before You.

Psalm 89:1, 13-14


  1. It is amazing how Detail oriented God truly is...things we over look he has carefully arranged :)

  2. please quit making me cry when I read your blog! ♥ you guys! Awesome little (big) things!

  3. It is amazing how He is! Sometimes when we get going so fast and all of our busy little 'things' seem so important he takes the time to slow us down and lead us back.

    Thanks Amanda for sharing how He is!

  4. So wonderful. And I agree with the second comment - quit making ME cry, too!! :)

    Are you going to do the Dear Army Family cards again this year?

  5. I'm so jealous of the work out room, I know that's not very christian, but I can't help it