09 November 2009

more on the weekend...

well, actually, I took this picture tonight. They have on their Christmas pj's from last year, this weekend, I bought the fabric for this year's pj's... I'm gonna have to get started on them pretty quick =) And Wilson got his own room... it still needs a lot of work, but its a start. He's sleeping on the sofa sleeper for the time being... Tonight he said, "I wish I was still sleeping on my top bunk." I told him he could if he wanted to... Brad and I talked last night and said we wouldn't care if he went back to his room, and we used the other room as a play room. We'll see... (those are the curtains that were in our office in Lawton, and in our dining room at Fort Sill...)
And I FINALLY used some uppercase living that I bought in the summer of 2008... maybe this is why Wilson feels like he has to stay in his own room... hmmm...

I liked it so much that I had to make sure I had just the right place for it... I really adore that stuff...

We tried out two churches this weekend. One church offers a Saturday night service, so we thought we should try it out because we knew Brad would have a crazy schedule, so we thought perhaps we would be able to attend together as a family more often... Of course, you might guess that a church that offers a Saturday night service is a BIG church. And it is. But I gotta tell you, Brad and I feasted on the Word of God Saturday night. There were a number of things I liked about the church, most importantly that the Pastor brought The Word. Prior to the sermon there was an invitation to pray over the pastor and his family. The pastor spoke directly about the tragedy at Fort Hood and prayed specifically for military families all around the world, with compassion and sincerity. And there were baptisms. I love watching baptisms. The boys both liked their classes. Walker had 30 minutes of "Preschool Worship" before his playtime. And Wilson's group had a Bible story and worship as well. They have an indoor playground. He skipped to the car after church. Honsetly, a huge part of me didn't even want to give the place a chance. I am not a big fan of razzle-dazzle at the church, and I would think by most definitions, this place has a lot of razzle-dazzle. But surprisingly, there was a lot of substance. And tons of opportunities to get involved... So we'll be praying about it.

Sunday morning we went to the contemporary protestant chapel service on post. The boys stayed with us for the first few worship songs, then they are dismissed to their classes during the meet & greet time. It was sweet because the youth praise team led the music this week. A drummer, keyboard, a bass guitar (or two), and a couple of vocalists. They did a great job, and I was so thrilled to see that there was a big investment in the youth. I liked the idea of looking around and knowing that everyone else was military. I love that we live in a country that allows for the military members to practice their faith freely. The boys both liked their classes again; and there was a boy from Wilson's school in his class. I think as much as I was skeptical about the mega-church, I was hopeful about the chapel. I just thought it would be great to plug in right here on post... I gotta tell you though, the sermon lacked. And that is all I can say about that without being harsh. The chaplains rotate who preaches each week, so I know it could be totally different the next time. Brad and I talked about it later, and he said that the hard thing for him is that he would always feel like he was at work. That the chaplain would always be "Sir" instead of a pastor. We will continue to pray about this as well...
(I might not have mentioned this, but after our experience last Sunday we decided to try out churches based on their regular service first, and then if it seems to be a fit; we'll try out the Sunday school/Bible study options. So that is what we are doing.)


  1. its always tough finding a new church especially when you're dragging a family along, and your worries go beyond just the two of you. Some of our greatest blessings came from a big church, so don't rule them out because of their size; we know of a few big churches that are steeped in theology, have awesome worship and care deeply about the needs beyond their four walls. Hang in there, God will open the door where He wants you all to serve. We've been praying about that every day.

  2. Hey you michiokigeorgians...I'm so glad you gave the mega church a chance, it is hard to sometimes get past the fact there are so many people, but with that, there is always a chance of "more opportunities". Small churches can be very enduring too though, and finding the fit that God has for you is always the best! It's there and he will show you without a doubt. I'm looking forward to the step by step photo construction of the jammies this year...and you get to have the maniquin there in person for the big peeps jammies! If Wilson is sleeping on the sofa sleeper does that mean I get the bunkbed? YIKES

  3. Praying that you find a church that fits you. I know the struggle...once we left Pathway, we landed at a megachurch...talk about a night and day difference! So far I love it. It is a big church with a little church closeness if that makes any sense. Just as God had a beautiful home lined up for you, I am confident he has the perfect church home lined up as well! Hang in there!

  4. I love that you are being open to new ideas. I can see how Brad would feel like he is at work. I didn't really think about that when we were talking about the chapel. Also, rotating chaplains means.... you may like the teaching of one but not the other and then what do you do until they rotate out again??? So much to think about.
    Razzle and dazzle isn't always bad. God has provided so much for you... He won't leave you hanging on this one.
    Tell Wil that he can call that room his "office"(since it has his name on the door) if he decides to bunk back in with lil man.
    I want pics of Yaya on the bunk bed... hee hee.