24 November 2009

overheard {again}

I told you I have the gift of overhearing.

Yesterday we got out our nativity sets. (Since Wilson has the week off, we are doing a little bit of decorating each day. And a little bit of baking each day.) I always like to put the Nativity set out first thing. We have a few... this year the Little People set is in Walker's room and the Playmobil set is in Wilson's room.

While I was folding laundry in my room, I could hear Walker scolding baby Jesus in his room. "Bad, baby Jesus!" ...in a very. stern. voice, mind you.

Followed by a compassionate tone, "Oh, you were hungry? That's why you did that?"



  1. oh..that story is so funny! i listen outside the room all the time....love it.