20 November 2009


yesterday afternoon, we had a meeting with Wilson's new speech teacher. Like most special ed. meetings there was a bit of paperwork to sign. The principal was attempting to make small talk with Walker while we waited for Wilson's teacher to arrive. Wilson was with his teacher so while we said "hi" to him, and Walker hugged him, I heard Wil's teacher whispering to the principal...

"He's a dream come true!"

I was sure that was what I heard, (I have a gift of overhearing) but thankfully the principal insisted that Mrs. T. share her remarks with us. She said he is the kind of student a teacher hopes for. He is doing great academically, but he is getting many rewards for good behavior too! We were thrilled for that little update.

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  1. AWESOME! Love those moments, you know, treasure them, like Mary. ♥