09 November 2009

week end...

...it was a good one.

Brad is officially at work today. He hadn't a clue what to expect this morning, if you are on Facebook, you might've noticed he had some serious PT this a.m. He came home for a quick shower and was off. I just got a text from him a bit ago that they were sending him to some camp for 24 hours, and that he would call when he got a chance. While Brad still works for the Army, it is a big deal to start at a new place. Many of you know the grief he got at his last place after being diagnosed with asthma and all the problems that brought about... And while it was hard to walk through that mess with Brad, we both know that God was victorious. I can't begin to fully understand what its like for Brad to start at a new place; which means explaining my take on it would be shoddy at best. But I can say that its a challenge. So would you mind praying this week for Brad as he begins to figure this place out? Pray that he would be listening to the voice of Truth, and that Satan wouldn't be allowed to even whisper words of doubt into his ear...

God has obviously gone before us in this move. He has shown His hand in so many ways, and I trust fully that He will do the same for Brad at work this week. I don't know how, but I trust He will make it evident.

I'll probably post more this evening about the rest of the weekend... you know, since I'll have the place to myself after the boys are in bed.

Thank you prayer warriors!


  1. We will pray extra hard for Brad as we already pray daily for all of you. Lots of Love Dad and Sandy and Nate

  2. I saw what he did on facebook, George says poor guy, but that's the place where he'll get it all the time...UGH...at least to me. Meeting all the new people and finding out what the expectations are can always be a little nerve wracking! He's in our prayers...Mom Z

  3. Hope things are going well for Brad!