02 November 2009

Wilson's {2nd} First day of school

Here are the guys this morning before we took Wilson to school... ...we were met by the school counselor and given a tour of the building before we met Wilson's teacher. The cafeteria/auditorium is HUGE! Which means Wilson won't be eating lunch in his classroom anymore. They have a 'special' every day. Music, Art, PE, and Spanish... Spanish is 2x a week. Here was Wilson in his classroom before we left this morning.
We are eager to hear how his day goes...
In other news, Brad is off this week. Hallelujah! His work schedule will start next week. We are still looking for a church. The one yesterday didn't work for us. I might not have mentioned this, Georgia is beautiful. We are pretty much mesmerized by all the trees...everywhere. Love it!


  1. Spanish twice a week! Awesome. Hey if he needs a tutor we can skype :)

  2. I'll bet Wilson is so excited with the new classroom agenda. You guys amaze me at how fast you get your stuff unpacked and settled in! Love Sandy

  3. Seeing all of the blessing that God is pouring onto you.

    I can't wait to hear how the first day went. He looked pretty excited.

    I know you know...but sure do miss you.

  4. Hope the day went well! Everything seems so great for you guys! I'm so happy for you!

  5. Glad you guys are settling in well! I now know what your family must feel like when reading your blog. I love reading it and seeing all the pictures but it makes me miss you guys even more too. We all miss you. Luv you! Kim

  6. I love the pics keep them coming! I know you guys are going to enjoy Ga! Little bit of history...Mom had a cousin that was a Miss Georgia! Wish I could remember her name, but you know how old your mother is! Glad you got the See's and can't wait to get there for a visit!