06 November 2009


Star light, star bright
first star I see tonight.
I wish I may, I wish I might
Have this wish, I wish tonight.

I guess I didn't realize I knew that whole poem until the other night. It has been getting warm here during the day, and then cooling off beautifully at night. The upstairs is a bit stuffy in the evenings, so we open all the windows up here before bedtime.

The other night, the boys' windows were open and their light was off. Walker came running out of his room to tell Wilson "That first star is out tonight." Then they both ran back in there to look at it. I was only half-paying-attention to what they were discussing in their room while star gazing.

A few minutes later, Walker ran out of the room and said, "I told that first star that I want that other pizza set!" And, man, was he excited about it!

Brad and I just laughed. Neither of us has really ever promoted 'wishing on a star,' but I think Winnie the Pooh and Dora have... Now I have to figure out what "that other pizza set" is...it just might be a good Christmas idea ;)

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  1. They sure do have an imagination! I think having the windows open at night is one of the best things in life...here with it cooling off so much that I have to scrape the frost off the car in the mornings though it really is COLD with them open!