14 December 2009

a little something...and a super hero...

...first, a little something. Did you know the promise that "nothing is impossible with God" was given to Mary by the angel when she found out she would be Jesus' mother? I honestly think I just realized that last year. And I was reminded of that realization again this year. And astounded by God's perfect wisdom... knowing full-well that this thing we call Christmas would get all tangled up with commercialism... he tucked in a nugget of truth that we often claim throughout the year... "nothing is impossible with God." I urge you, if you are feeling a weight around you, if the hustle and bustle have lost their holly and jolly; take a quiet moment and savor the weight of that promise that was given to Mary... "For nothing is impossible with God." Luke 1:37

So, sometime Saturday, Wilson mentioned something he wanted to ask for from Santa - something rather expensive. Brad talked a bit with Wilson about Santa bringing gifts to everyone and how he can't bring everyone something expensive. By the time we got to see Santa though, Wilson had settled again on asking for a jump rope. Saturday night I talked over a few things with Brad. Wondering if somehow we were doing the wrong thing with our kids by limiting how much they get - you know some what ifs... what if they resent us when they are older because they didn't get as much as their friends? what if we are stifling their dreams by telling them Santa can't bring you everything??? I finally decided that I was letting the marketing get to me, and was able to rest well after talking to Brad.

Sunday we went out to lunch after church, and the hostess asked the boys what they wanted from Santa - Walker said a "drum and a leaf book" (yes, she looked at us the same way Santa did when he said 'leaf book), and Wilson said "a jump rope". The lady behind us said, "Wow! Your kids are easy, wanna trade?"

When we were seated Brad asked Wilson, "If you could ask Santa for anything in the whole world, what would you ask him for?" Brad and I answered first, stating things that surely Santa couldn't bring.

After much thought, Wilson answered, "A vacation."

I thought for sure he was thinking about our summer trip to Disney, so I replied,"Oh, that's cool. Where would you want to go?"

And you wanna know what that sweet boy said??? "Michigan"

My heart swells.

And here are a couple shots of Super Walker. He has referred to himself as Super Walker on multiple occasions. One time I remember clearly being at the playground, and he was quite put-off that another older boy didn't believe that he was Super Walker. We said, "Are you Super Walker?" He said, "Yes" and we replied, "Then don't worry about it!" And off he ran yelling "I am Super Walker!"


  1. Where did you get that cape? That's awesome.

    I think your kids are fabulous for wanting to go to Michigan! And the gifts from Santa are precious. Just hope they ask for stuff like that when they are 15!

    It is nice to live in a country where there is no snow- You get the sense that "Christmas" as the marketers show as Christmas isn't coming. Yesterday Marvin and I read the Christmas story. It was nice to be able to focus on that and not all the hullabaloo!

  2. Man, every time I think I'm going to get to read your blog without tearing up...*sigh*

    Love Super Dub's cape. You did a great job!

  3. Amanda you did a great job on the cape...and he looks just like a super Walker! He is just that, I believe Wil is Super Kid. He's that way because he has a great Dad and Mom...keep up the "God work"!

  4. I can't believe you made such a cool cape! Congrats, Amanda!!! What a good job! (Slightly jealous!)