08 December 2009

oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...

...your leaves are so unchanging. Especially when they are fake. I'm just sayin.

Here's a full picture of our free tree. Poor thing was left behind at a rental property that our friends own (in Lawton). I think they gave it to me before Brad even got home. We quickly assembled it and plugged it in the day before the movers came to make sure it worked. When we got it out to decorate it; I was skeptical, it seemed tiny & sparse. But after a bit of fluffing and bending, and adorning each branch with all manner of ornaments, I'd say she looks mighty fine. And really, you can't beat that price. I got my uppercase living order yesterday (pictures of the front door to come after the rain moves on), so the cross wall is complete. Its on the stairway, straight across from the front door. I think it looks fantastic, and I love the visual reminder of Jesus' deep and personal love for each of us. He is always giving us reminders of His love...
...sometimes in the form of deep-belly-giggles during a wrestle fest.

My cup continues to overflow.

p.s. nobody was injured during wrestlefest this week.


  1. Tree looks great! I still love the pillows.

  2. Love the tree(and the price) and the cross wall. Won't ever be in wonder of something to get for you.... another cross for your wall.

    We got your card the other day... tell Walker Mr. Curry is counting down the days, too.

  3. Great post! Your tree looks wonderful, and YEP, can't beat that price!

    Remember, the Charlie Brown Christmas tree looked bad before it got decorated, too...oh wait, that's just a cartoon. LOL

    Loved the pics of Brad & the boys wrestling - makes my heart nearly burst with joy for your family!!

  4. Oh, by the way, tell the boys, I did notice that tunnel they made...it looks great...good job!

  5. That expression looks great! And so does the tree. We're not putting one up this year, for several reasons, and Cameron is bummed. When did they get old enough to understand and to get their hopes up???