14 December 2009

oh we had a little Christmas...

...just this past weekend...
Since we are travelling to the great north for Christmas, we decided to have the boys open their presents from us this Saturday. We didn't do all of our Christmas traditions, but we did do some... the boys wore their new pj's to bed Friday, but they didn't know we were going to do presents until Saturday morning when they woke up. Here they are, waiting to unwrap their gifts... Wilson proudly showing off his Toy Story Mania -its very similar to their favorite ride at Disney - so it makes it an extra fun game on the Wii. (we rented it before we moved, so we knew it was worth it!)

Walker got his own version of a Toy Story game - memory. He's beginning to get excited about playing games.

Walker also got some power tools. He was pretty thrilled.

And Wilson was giddy about a Nerf gun because he "has ALWAYS wanted one."

They each got three presents from us (not because there were three wise men, but because Jesus got three gifts - the wise men are not numbered in the Bible and it bothers Brad a bit when it is assumed that there were three...), but I don't have pictures of their third gifts - Wilson got a basketball, and Walker got a "Super Walker" cape. Believe me, I'll post pictures of the cape, I made it for him, and I think it is quite adorable.
After presents we went to the PX to have a little visit with Santa.

Walker asked for a drum and a "leaf book"- Santa had to look at us to find out what on earth a "leaf book" is. We are still wondering where Walker got that idea from... and hoping old Santa can locate or make a suitable one for Walker.
Wilson asked for a jump rope - which caused Santa to say, "A jump rope? Are you training for a boxing match? I am sure you will get more than just a jump rope!" Why does Santa feel the need to increase expectations and put all that pressure on himself???
We had a really fun day, and now the excitement of our trip to MI is really setting in!


  1. Can't wait to see the cape! Hope your trip is safe, relaxing, and enjoyable for all!!!

  2. I should have read this post before asking about "super walker" cape. Nice job making it!

    When exactly will you guys be in Michigan?