17 December 2009


Brad introduced me to this song today. Seriously...bawled through it. And I told Brad, "Looking back, I can't even believe we made it through. I cry at every Christmas movie, and even some commercials. Obviously, God carried us through."

Its' amazing the strength He can give us to get through some of the hard stuff... He has certainly been a constant provider for us; through our family and friends. We are so grateful. Big Daddy Weave has teamed up with KLOVE to reach out to military families that have been nominated... you can check it out here. And don't forget to keep the separated families in your prayers!


  1. Great tune, I listened to it earlier today when I saw what Brad had said on facebook, I couldn't resist it again though. It is really hard to imagine what Wilson and Walker felt without their Daddy there on Christmas morning, and when I think back on the times when the country has been at war and how long our fathers, and grandfathers were gone from their families, without any of the modern day communication systems, it makes my heart ache for all them. God has blessed me in my lifetime, we are a blessed generation. Thank you again Lutz family for your sacrifices. I love you all!

  2. Thanks for the tissue alert.

    I told your hubby between his posts on FB and your blog posts I am going to use up my years supply of tissues in no time at all. I thought of you throughout the whole song.

    How wonderful it will be to have him home this Christmas!!! Thank you all for serving our country.

    We will be praying for those who are "being brave this Christmas." May God comfort them as He comforted you.

  3. Sheesh, I didn't even listen to the song (but I've heard it before) and I got teary.

    Thanks for sacrificing for our country guys! We love you all!!

  4. OH Geez! I only made it thought the first chorus. I think I get the point though. I'm so thankful that you guys get to spend this Christmas together- and in freezing cold MICHIGAN!
    Love you all! Merry Christmas