12 December 2009

Walker Goes to Airborne School

Last night we decided to head down to the Airborne school on post, and watch Santa do an Airborne jump onto the field, and then do the annual lighting of the jump tower. When we got dow there they were still letting people do the zipline out of the 30 foot tower they use to teach jumping skills in Airborne school. We asked Wilson if he wanted to do, and he wanted no part of it. When Amanda asked Walker he said "sure" like it was no big deal, so he and I got inline to do it.

Here they are getting the Harness on him in these two pictures

Here he is already to jump.

Here is the tower he jumped out of (of course I went right be hind him because no self-respecting dad is going to let his 3 year old do it by himself).

Here he is after the jump,
and of course he wanted to do it again.

Here is our little Paratrooper in action. AIRBORNE ALL THE WAY!


  1. Oh my!!! Instantly I thought about Amanda when I read the title. I remember her getting nervous about him on your shoulders on the diving board. How did she do with this?
    He is going to be your adventurous one, no doubt there. I am sure it was a ton of fun!!!

  2. How fun is that? Cameron SO would have done it too! He cries when we go rappelling because he can't do it! What a great time!


    Man, what a brave kid - I wouldn't want to do that and I'm an adult.

    YAY Walker!!

  4. Oh My! Walker- What a brave little man. He looks like a rag doll from the jump. I can totally hear you being freaked out from the video. I'm with Wil- I wouldn't go either.

  5. good job walker.hey wilson it ok i wont do do eather

  6. When my Dad told me this was on here, I thought Brad & Walker would be bundled together. I was amazed he went down by himself & then wanted to do it again!! Wow!


  7. What a kid, I'm disappointed there are no video's of you Brad. He really is an amazing little guy...I bet I know another one that would do it too! Jack would probably hop right up and say me too!