15 January 2010


So I guess its about time I tell you my New Year's Resolution... except I am not really a resolution-maker. Last year, I made a good one and stuck to it... "to kiss my husband more than the year before." Easy to do when he was deployed 4 months longer in the prior year =)

2009 was a pretty great year for our family. And a really difficult year for many of our family members and friends. I trust that God will do great things in this year ahead for those that have been patiently waiting for His hand to move in their circumstances. I pray that as they continue to watch for Him, that their hearts will be filled with confidence and hope in the One that has great plans. I know He is good, and I know He never fails.

As for me, personally, I ended 2009 with a lot of contentment. We are settled into a new home and new town. Our family is healthy (with the exception of that pesky-strep virus). I am confident of God's faithfulness in our lives, and certain of His promises. And surely contentment is a good thing; but not a destination. In this peaceful place of contentment, I've been seeking God for direction. I've been wondering what God has in store. So many questions of where to plug in... (I was going to list the areas I am considering, but these are just private ponderings for the time being...)

Recently He has led me to a crazy journey through 1 Chronicles... really, a strange place I thought. And perhaps I was even a little disappointed when I began reading there a week or so ago. But His lessons have been rich and spot-on. One particular event in Chronicles centered on David bringing the Ark back to Jerusalem. He asked many people about their opinion, and everyone agreed that, "Yes, it should be done!" So joyfully, they began transporting the Ark. They did it quickly and with excitement, once, when it was slipping a man reached out and touched it to keep it from falling. That man's name was Uzza and when he touched the Ark he broke the law. Therefore, he died. David was angry with God about this. And left the Ark with another family for awhile (I Chronicles 13). The problem was David had a really good idea and jumped on it. But he did it quickly and his own way, rather than asking God how or when... and a man died.

I am waiting to see where God wants me to jump in... if he wants me to jump in at all. And while I am waiting, I will still be doing the daily things I am commanded to do. And hopefully, doing them a little bit better everyday. I will begin researching some of the necessary information for pursuing some of the above ideas (that I decided not to list), but I won't be gathering opinions from anyone but God and my husband. And I will wait. He has good plans for me, but I need to listen for them.

We sang this song Thursday at PWOC. I don't think I've ever heard it before, it blessed my heart and filled my eyes with tears. I hope you can find a quiet moment to listen to it. And that it will bless you as well...


  1. usually our music pastor brings us all the new sweet music but I've never heard that song before and it was like a balm to my heart! thank you for sharing it!

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  3. Amanda,

    This is one of my favorite songs. Thanks for sharing it on your blog.


  4. I love the art wall... I wouldn't even tackle metal so I'm pretty impressed...

    THanks for always being an encouragement, I'll pray you'll get some clear direction from God. Love ya, sis