06 January 2010

Christmas recap with lots of words and pictures...

Oh how I adore Christmas morning pictures... everyone looks so fantastic, or something. This is the post in which I try to tell you all about our wonderful trip North with a hodge-podge-collection of photos in a random order. In a nutshell, we had an awesome trip! Truly a blessed time that we will treasure for a long while to come...

Now on with the randomness... Here are the guys playing Rummikub at great grandpa & grandma rose's house the morning we rolled out of F-town. Carl, Nathan, Great Grandpa and Wils. Four generations. Love it.
Opening Christmas presents with cousin Jack at grandpa & meme's house. Walker gets the award for Best-Gift-Opening-Facial-Expression. He sure had been wantin' a drum.

The Great Crash of '09. The poor old lady is still saying, "I don't know what I hit, I don't think I hit anything..." Technically, The Great Crash is an overstatement and we might begin referring to it as The Big Scratch of '09... Nissa is in the shop for at least a week... (I learned a few lessons from the crash night, one of the most-meaningless things I learned is that I felt bad for not naming the van prior to the accident, therefore I will now refer to her as Nissa, and the ol' Az will remain the ol' Az....or ol' Azteca on fancy days)

I am not sure if Jack was more freaked out by Yaya or the movie in the background... hmmm...

I do believe great Grandma Rose. enjoyed sharing Christmas morning with the boys....and Muskoka. We sure enjoyed being with her!

Walker giving great Grandma K some super snuggles after opening his new sweater (that he insisted on putting on immediately after hugging her).

I am so bad about taking the right pictures these days. But thankfully, I did remember to snap one of the boys with their Uncle David & Aunt Casey who live in North Carolina.

And Uncle Dan and Aunt Elizabeth who live in North Dakota.

And their Uncle Bryan who lives in Colorado.

Opening presents at Grandpa & Grandma's Christmas morning with Uncle Colson and Aunt Jacqueline.

The evening of Christmas... is it just me or does it look like its been a rather long day? This may be the only picture I have of Rene & Bob with Brad & I... so very thankful Aaron could sneak into the background.
Walker + Aunt Jacqueline = Christmas morning cuties!

Brad took the boys, along with Uncle Brennan and Uncle Colson, to the train depot while the girls were baking. They watched model trains, and I think they had a pretty good time.

We really had a fantastic trip. It was hard to leave, as always. We are so blessed by tremendous family. Brad and I have all of our grandparents living...our kids have FOUR sets of Greats! How uncommon is that?! What a heritage we have! It was wonderful to get to spend a bit of time with nearly everyone on our 'wish list,' too. Many memories and treasured moments.
We are pretty much settled in and back on track. So far, I am the only one with the strep. The antibiotic kicked in rather quickly, and I am feeling quite well this evening. I am on amox. for 14 days this time, and they should call me by the end of the week to let me know about the results of the throat culture. A total bonus to getting strep this time and on a holiday weekend is that I read an entire book while in the waiting room at the ready-care clinic. "Crazy Love." And it was good, I am still processing it, each day that I feel better I process a little more ;)
Wilson is back to school and enjoying it. He came home Tuesday with a giant stocking full of goodies from his teacher. Today he got off the bus holding a Diego Candy Cane. No wonder Walker wants "to get bigger and go to school like my brother." Walker crushed me in a game of Memory today. No big surprise there!
Brad's back to work too... crazy schedule and all. Its a bit of a challenge being down to one car again, but thankfully someone he works with lives in our neighborhood so he can catch a ride.
I'll try to get better at blogging again. But its not my resolution, so I can't make any promises... more on my resolution tomorrow... or whenever I get around to blogging again...


  1. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that pic of your Grandma and the boys! its priceless.....and beautiful!

  2. glad that you had a good time with family... and ya'll have lots of them.

    The boys look so old... can you ask them to stop growing up until we see them again this summer????

  3. Great pics! It's funny, I never really noticed how much Dan & Dave look alike, but with those huge grins on their faces, they really resemble each other.

    So glad you had a nice Christmas!!

  4. Looks like you had a really fun time. And you've done well, training your boys to even get excited with clothes on Christmas morning!

    My Great Gramma and Great, Great Gramma both died the year I was pregnant with Brendan. It was sad. I still have a Grampa in NY (dad's side) and Grandparents here in OK(mom's side). There are no greats on JC's side. I'm so glad you guys are able to get "home" to visit the greats. What awesome memories!