19 January 2010

family cook-out

We christened our fire-pit yesterday. I wish I would've had Brad take a picture of me breaking the champagne bottle on the side of it. Oh well. Here is the man building the fire, while the faithful beast surveys the perimeter...
the boys practiced their basketball skills for awhile...

and after hot-dogs they roasted some marshmallows - naturally.

Thanks, Mom & Dad for the thoughtful gift, I am sure we will spend many hours around it in the weeks & months to come!


  1. FUN!!! Oh, those will be good times.

    Is that a vinyl fence in your backyard??? That's high class for the military! :-)

  2. I'm glad your enjoying your fire pit! Colson will be so jealous when I show him the pics! He just loves doing that and begs us to have a bonfire all the time.