13 January 2010


it's hard to wrap your head around it.

and harder yet when your heart gets involved.

I don't have any wise words, or even coherent reflections tonight. All I can say is that when I start thinking about it, watching the news or reading online; I become queasy. I feel guilty that the poorest nation in our hemisphere never really weighed on my heart until today. I feel sorrow for those that are walking through the devastation. I keep praying, but its more or less just a quiet heart before God, because I don't even know where to begin asking... He knows though.

I told Walker about the earthquake at lunch, he said, "God will take care of them, just like when the bad guy came." I tried to explain that there wasn't a bad guy... he doesn't quite understand. Can I blame him? I don't quite understand either. At least He knows God will take care of them.

Keep praying.


  1. unreal! Remember the Soldans from Riverdale? Scott was engaged to a girl who just moved there a week ago, she runs an orphanage/medical clinic and they can't locate her! Our friend from college lost a little girl in the devastation, they were a month away from bringing her home, here, for good.

  2. It's just awful what happened there, and definitely very very hard to even begin to understand it all.

    Definitely praying.