11 January 2010

January gingerbread!

So, as you know we headed to the far north for Christmas, and some things were neglected before we left town. When we took down the Christmas decorations last week, I remembered that our little gingerbread kit was still under the tree. Not one to want a gift to go to waste, we decided to decorate our men yesterday while Daddy was at work. You can see Walker was pretty fired up about getting that frosting ready! It was pretty serious work, really.

Until someone had to cross the line.... poor Mr. Gingerbread man! Walker ate quite few bites out of his man... Wilson decided to nibble a little off the toe- he wasn't impressed. I didn't dare taste it. Eew.

Here are Mr. & Mrs. Lutz-Gingerbread. I especially like the unit patch on the beret and the flag on the arm. What do you mean you can't see the flag??? Surely you can see the little ballet flats on the Mrs., right?
Wilson's final man - with a matching red shirt!

And Walker's final man, minus part of his head....and a leg.

And here's our winter wreath on the front door... Jenn, have I ever posted a picture of our "welcome" on the door??? I sure hope so, but if not, now you can see it...


  1. Love that Uppercase Living you have there, Amanda!!! Beautiful!

  2. Gingerbread fantastico! And the wreath looks pretty good too. I love to see the boys have fun like that, I think you needed to give the camera to the budding photographer, Wil, to get a picture of you concentrating on the flag on the arm!

  3. How fun! Puckey always talks about making gingerbread, even though we never have.

    I should try it sometime.

  4. Poor Gingerbread man... I know what you mean by tasting them... Ginger is worse than Cinnamon!

    I love the door... it's so welcoming :)