13 January 2010

Man, I Feel Like a Reader*

here is a picture of Walker's treasured "Leaf Book" that he got from Santa. I think he said something like, "this is exactly what I wanted!" As he was showing me his Leaf Book when I took this picture, he explained that there were leaves in the front so he can put leaves in this book (and I quote), "If I want worms, then I can get a worm book." WHAT???? I did a little painting today... trying these canvases out for a third time... will post a picture of them in their new home when they are finished.

and I repainted the artwork frames... just a darker brown. we are so risky with our color choices! I'll post a picture of these when they are all done too... you can see how Muskoka kept herself busy while I was painting...
Walker mostly watched me paint or narrated my painting efforts. He did take a break to 'read' some books. He was so cute digging through the basket that I had to snap his picture.

and here is a video of Wilson practicing his first book report... Real sentences and everything. How is my baby old enough for a book report already????

*The title of this post is actually from Literacy night at Wilson's school. The choir sang the song "Man, I Feel Like a Reader" to the tune of... "Man, I Feel Like a Woman" It was humorous to say the least...

p.s. did I ever tell you that Wilson's school kicks off every. single. morning. with this song? Wow. Those teachers had better drink their coffee before the bell rings. I think it's kinda fun!


  1. Oh the book report was ADORABLE! especially the part about "done" and the "smile"! too stinkin' cute!

    So Walker has a "leaf" book? I bet he was thrilled to get it too, especially since he specifically asked for it!

  2. Both are adorable. Maybe Walker will get his "Worm" book for his birthday! Too Funny!
    Great job Wilson on the Fish Book Report - love it!
    I look forward to keeping up with the family, great post!