07 January 2010

oh Walker!

so, Walker decided to spice things up tonight, since Daddy is away at work. I asked him to take his drum up to his bedroom and to put his toys away before bath time. Wilson and I were snuggled up on the couch... he doesn't get much snuggle time on school days. It was taking Walker quite awhile, and there was some banging, but I had faith that he was doing the right thing. Until he came downstairs and said, "I locked my door so you wouldn't see my toys on the floor." Seriously, I kinda thought he was kidding. He's been busted for locking the door while he is INSIDE his room, but I didn't realize he could lock the door and then walk OUT of his room and shut the door! Smarty pants! I put a plea out on FB and did a little googling. Thankfully eHow had the answer I needed, a small flathead screwdriver...insert then turn. No clicking or anything. Different than the other doors I have unlocked. Anyway, this is what awaited us when we opened the door.... Nice. This is way worse than it was when I asked him to put his drum away! Oh well, its all put away now...*******

And thankfully we had a wonderful afternoon together. He got this little paint set as a non-stocking stuffer from Great Grandpa & Grandma Lewis.

He totally LOVED it!
well, you can see for yourself...

seriously, if he had busted out with the "orange and blue" song after telling me he locked his door, he probably wouldn't have even had to sit on the naughty chair!


  1. I can't believe that Crazy Walker... but I sure do love that song! Good photos of Michigan- Grams will love that post. Sandy does a good job of keeping grams updated on our blogs. Glad you are feeling better.

  2. Walker is definately the logical one in the family!

  3. a rembrandt in the making............

  4. Oh how cute,he's trying to copy cat Grandpa Carls' garage!!!! Love Meme

  5. I miss him! So cute. Love the video!