19 January 2010

one project done.

so remember our artwork display at our old house? We don't have an open wall in our dining room here, so I felt they needed to be dressed up a bit for our living room (you know, since we are such formal people?!) here's a reminder of the before... last week, I painted the frames a darker shade of brown... I decided I wanted to do magnetic frames. I did a little online research to figure out how to do it. (How I adore all these insanely crafty bloggers that share their tips!) I had to track down some metal and you see I recycled some of our boxes from the move. I had to buy some metal snips, and I used my handy TomBoy Tools gloves to protect my hands (although somehow Santa gave me two right hands, so I wore one backwards, because I am just that dorky, and I really didn't want to cut my hand). Oh, and a sharpie to trace around the pre-cut cardboard...

I already had the fabric on hand... and tada!!! (P.S. I haven't decided yet what I am going to do with the oval frame... but I did know that I wanted to include it, I got it from my grandma this summer... possibly another family silhouette???)

You know Brad's been working 24 hour shifts... so I do my project work on the nights that he is working. It helps keep me sane. And probably him too, so he's not having to step around the project-in-process-all-over-the-living-room-floor {or dining room table - depending on the project}.
Also, the project work provides a good process for me. I know I am not the only one that is constantly thinking about all the things happening in Haiti. God and I just chat through it while I am working. I try to be quiet so I can hear His Spirit reassure me that He has not changed. That He is working in this. I believe Him.
I have another project that I hope to show you tomorrow.


  1. You could put some UL in that oval frame. Maybe something about children or creativity.

    I wonder what Santa was trying to tell you with the gloves thing.

  2. Hmmmm is there someone out there in the Lewis family with two left hand gloves....I'm sure Santa can work this out!