03 January 2010

oops, I got strep again...

Seriously. And this time I have the lovely scarlet fever to go with it. Awesome.

How many of you think I am kidding?

And how many of you think I must be some kind of sick-freak-germ-collector?

I know I am not kidding; so I am leaning toward the latter. I went to an urgent-care clinic yesterday, because after you've had strep three times in 7 months, you pretty much know right away what it is that is hurting your ears and throat. The doc did a quick-strep-test and confirmed it to be positive. He also sent away a throat culture to see if I have a resistant strain. We'll see...

Praying again that the boys don't get it; and especially that Brad doesn't. Brad is back to work today, and Wilson starts school on Tuesday.

I am hoping to put some pics up soon of our wonderful trip to the North. We had such a great time, truth is, it never seems to be enough time with family; but its always better to leave wishing you didn't have to, rather than wishing you hadn't stayed so long. We are truly blessed... I'll expand on that when I add the pictures....


  1. poor kid, take care, remember even though it's a common disease, it easily allows other badder, meaner germs to work their way in!

  2. oh...friend. praying for you. so yucky...

  3. Wish I was there, I would take the boys for the day. I am sure you don't want to hear this but you may have to look into getting your tonsils removed. You have to do something... you can't keep getting that nasty stuff!!!

    We will have to catch up this week some time. Miss you.